SILVÉRION® 2400 (Formerly marketed as Tinosan® SDC by Ciba Specialty Chemicals)

SILVÉRION® 2400 is a water-soluble antimicrobial preservative containing Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC) a revolutionary, novel ionic silver technology for use in personal care formulations.


  • Broad-spectrum activity
  • Low viscosity solution
  • Excellent water solubility
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Compatible with a variety of preservatives
  • Clear product demonstrating good compatibility with other cosmetic ingredients


  • Stand-alone preservative in many formulations
  • Easy to dose and formulate
  • High bio-availability in the water phase
  • Cost effective preservative
  • Flexibility to combine with other preservatives
  • Use in diverse product forms including clear gels
  • Effective alternative to formaldehyde donors and parabens

Easy to Formulate and Stable in a Variety of Formulation Matrices

  • SILVÉRION® 2400 is a low viscosity liquid which can be easily dosed. The highly water soluble antimicrobial can be incorporated into the aqueous phase of gels, surfactants and emulsions produced in a cold process.
  • In the manufacturing of emulsions produced by hot processes, the antimicrobial active must be added to the final formulation after the emulsion has cooled down. Exposure of the antimicrobial active to pH higher than 7 should be avoided in order to achieve optimal formulation stability.

®Tinosan is a registered trademark of Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation